‘All religions are branches of the same tree’ Albert Einstein 1937


At Stanley Primary School Religious Education has a significant role in the holistic development of our pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We aim to promote respect for diversity, encourage open-mindedness towards differing faiths and beliefs and empower pupils to develop their sense of identity and belonging through reflection and self-awareness. The fundamental objective of RE at Stanley Primary is to engage and enthuse pupils in enquiry-based learning where they can develop an understanding of a range of different religions, traditions and beliefs by exploring their commonality and diversity whilst showing sensitivity to the questions and challenges that different views and beliefs can present. In line with the SACRE scheme our curriculum is enhanced further with hands-on experiences, trips to places of worship and visitors that share their personal experiences, thus ensuring that children are well-equipped to challenge prejudice and discrimination and furthermore build a reputable character.



In accordance with the Lancashire SACRE scheme RE is taught regularly in blocks throughout each term across the academic year. This is to achieve depth and breadth in learning and skill development. Pupils have access to quality artefacts and resources that enable them to develop their curiosity through hands-on experiences including educational visitors and visits to places of worship. Staff consider how children can be taught through interactive, collaborative and engaging activities as well as how learners will be supported in line with the school’s commitment to inclusion. Evidence of pupil knowledge is recorded in a variety of ways including: written work, class debates and our e-learning platform Seesaw. Activities that staff plan and deliver ensure that pupils are encouraged to discuss their ideas and opinions  to extend their understanding of current global issues and challenging questions. The outcomes of children's work are regularly assessed and monitored to establish that they reflect a solid understanding of the taught key concepts. Both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 come together on a weekly basis to participate in Collective Worship, both religious and non-religious festivals and themes are implemented alongside regular RE lessons to celebrate the cultural diversity of the school and local community.


Through our engaging and progressive curriculum, pupils acquire a body of learning over time and make interconnected links to their prior knowledge. At the end of their school journey pupils leave Stanley Primary School with a secure understanding of academic content as well as being socially, morally and culturally responsible and aware. Children know how to contribute to the local and global community, leaving as well-rounded individuals who are ready to take on the challenges of their next chapter in education and life in an open-minded manner which is conducive to success.

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