School Curriculum

Each year group in KS1 and KS2 studies the National Curriculum subjects plus religious education at a level suited to the learner. At the beginning of each full term, each year group aims to send out a newsletter highlighting which areas of the curriculum are to be studied.

In Reception children are provided with stimulating activities for the curriculum. The activities may be teacher or child initiated and involve working in the classroom and the outdoor foundation play area.

We are also very proud of the fact that our Year 1 to Year 6 children study a modern foreign language with a specialist teacher, currently Spanish.

Our Curriculum is centred around 5 Key ‘Curriculum Drivers’:

these are central to our school vision and ethos and underpin the learning and experiences that we undertake in all areas of school life to ensure our curriculum offer is enriched. They reflect and respond to the social and educational needs of our community.


helping our pupils to establish a sense of belonging and a respect of diversity, equality and British values within their local and the wider community.


which helps pupils become aspirational by providing opportunities and experiences so they know the possibilities available for their future lives.


to motivate and build resilience in our pupils encouraging them to think positively, take risks and aim to be the very best that they can be.


nurturing and educating our pupils to help them develop the characteristics needed to become successful learners, well-rounded individuals and responsible global citizens.

Communication and language

EYFS: to help our pupils to communicate effectively with each other and express their ideas so that they become comfortable using a rich range of vocabulary and language structures.

Religious Education and Assembly

This is a compulsory subject in this country. Our teaching is broadly, but not wholly, Christian. An act of collective worship takes place daily in assembly.  Different themes are explored and classes take turns to present an assembly at least once a year. If parents wish to withdraw their child from religious education and assemblies, this should be put in writing to the Headteacher.

Health and Sex Education

These lessons take place throughout the school and are adapted to suit each age group. The lessons offer a wide interpretation of health, encompassing not only hygiene, physical health, development and sex education, but also many emotional, social and environment facets of human life. In Year 6 a structured programme of sex education is delivered by the School Nurse.

Visits and Visitors

Many opportunities arise to invite visitors into school to enhance our curriculum; examples being emergency services, religious leaders from various religions and staff from overseas schools.

Children are also given the opportunity to go on class or year group trips. On some occasions it may be necessary to incur a cost to parents for these trips. Examples of trips taken last year include the Lake District, Lancaster and the Zoo. In addition, Year 6 children have the opportunity to go on a residential visit to Coniston.

Children are regularly monitored on their progress within the curriculum and take tests, the results of which are made available to parents. Children in year 6 take the National SATS papers.